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Everything in my life has revolved around creativity – whether preparing delicious meals, designing my dream kitchen, or illustrating a children’s book – I love to make picturesque creations.

Prior to 2020, I was constantly on the go. Over my lifetime, I have lived on 3 continents and experienced 38 different countries, immersing myself in their culture and creating wildly memorable experiences.

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My father was the driving force behind reviving these Persian Fables. His love for his culture drove him to provide the transliterations and initial translations.  


As a writer, photographer and published poet, co-creating a children’s book with his daughter was a dream come true.  Little did he know it would take over 3 years to bring to fruition. And LOTS of late night, nit-picky, virtual edits.

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Series Inspiration:
Zoë Tupelo & Grandma Shahlavi 

Z & maman joon IMG_5411.jpg

Inspiration for illustrations:
Zoë Tupelo

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