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1 book donated


Order a copy of Golden Chick / Joojé Talãee to be donated 

on your behalf to Mother Miracle School, Children of Hope Organization, Children's Books Bank or a local charity of your choice.


8.5x8.5 inch hardcover book

- premium quality: sewn & durable 

- off-set printing

-eco-friendly soy-based ink


the book you purchase will be donated within 30 days (some organizations allocate certain days of the month for book donations)


Through the eyes of a chick who wants to spread their wings, children experience overcoming obstacles and celebrating achievements. Golden Chick (Joojé Talãee) teaches children the universal power of finding your inner strength and developing your own personal warrior.


The phonetic rhyming poetry offers children a taste of the ancient, mythical Persian language without the obstacle of a challenging and unfamiliar script.

donation of 1 hardcover book 8.5x8.5 inch (which includes 9x26 poster)

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